Microsoft Philippines launches Office 365 service

Microsoft Office 365 service

Top businesses, enterprises, and universities in the country experience the no-compromise productivity for the modern workplace




MANILA, Philippines, September 12, 2013 — After the highly successful consumer and enterprise launch of the new Office last February, Microsoft Philippines is bringing another innovation to the cloud – the Office 365 for Business and for Education.

Office 365 is a full cloud service for Business and Education that will enable organizations to take full advantage of multiple options when deciding where to deploy their productivity technologies. Whether accessing services from within their own data center or off-premise through Hosting Partners or Microsoft Office 365, organizations will see Microsoft deliver its promise of providing cloud services on the customers’ terms. Enterprises, SMBs, and educational institutions will now have the flexibility of running their applications on the cloud without the need for physical servers. This means that they can attain productivity wherever, whenever and whichever device they use.

“At Microsoft, we work hard to transform organizations and individuals through our family of devices and services,” said Karrie Ilagan, Microsoft Philippines Managing Director. “In line with this, we are officially launching the all new Office 365 — a full cloud service — to our business and education customers nationwide to provide them ‘the no compromise’ productivity experience built for the modern workplace.”

Office 365 for Education delivers the power of cloud productivity to educational institutions at no cost – without compromising their data privacy. It includes the familiar Microsoft Office desktop applications, as well as Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync to provide the academe with powerful tools to create anytime, anywhere learning opportunities across multiple devices. Some of the country’s top schools are on Office 365 such as Mapua, Miriam College, PUP, Treston College and Enderun College among many others. Enderun College is the first school to move to the cloud with Microsoft’s Office 365 for Education.

Dr. Lydia King, Department Head for Technology Management of Enderun said, “Office 365 is a solution like no other. We are able to leverage on cloud technology and access our files from anywhere on our mobile devices.”

Coca-Cola Philippines has also moved to the cloud with Microsoft’s Office 365 for Business as a strategic direction to communicate and engage with its partners, employees, and customers. With Office 365’s top-of-line benefits such as collaboration, familiarity, and mobility, the industry’s beverage leader enables increased productivity and brings happiness in the workplace.

Moreover, Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes, one of the fastest growing and popular bakery cafes in the country, proudly shares that Office 365 is an important element to further the growth of their business.

“Office 365 allows us to enjoy the benefits of enterprise-grade cloud services and social capabilities tailored to the needs and budgets of companies like ours,” said GJ Jimenez of Banapple Pies & Cheesecakes. “Office 365’s pay-as-you-go Web-enabled tools enable us to manage our resources and expenses efficiently. Thus, Office 365 empowers us to maximize our investment in IT, placing us in a stronger position to plan and scale for growth and expansion than ever before.”

The Benefits of Office 365

Office 365 delivers the optimal benefits of the cloud – productivity, familiarity, social, collaboration and control.

Office 365 allows employees to be more productive than ever before. It facilitates online and offline access and enables working from anywhere, anytime across all various devices to get more work done.

Office 365 delivers the collaborative power of the web and familiar productivity tools that customers prefer across multiple devices. No other service can beat this familiarity on such tools whether it’s PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Lync, SharePoint or OneNote.

Office 365 is social. With Asia’s growing social footprint, integrated platforms such as Yammer, an enterprise social networking tool, give organizations a platform for productivity, communications, and collaborations without discounting security management.

Office 365 enables collaboration. People can powerfully connect with others and share data to get things done regardless of time or location. With the tools of Office 365 like Lync, Exchange and SharePoint, online meetings, videoconferencing and digital note-taking are possible enabling employees to work as one to accomplish their tasks faster and easier.

Finally, Office 365 gives organizations the control built for their dynamics. People can use the devices they prefer while IT can have the control they need.

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About Microsoft

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

Microsoft Philippines, the local subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation, has been constantly bringing innovation and making its technology available to Filipino businesses and individuals since 1995.  As a committed and trusted partner in nation-building, Microsoft Philippines has made it its mission to fuel growth and healthy communities, as well as transform locally-based businesses and empower them to compete in the global economy.

Angat Pinoy, Angat Negosyo. Angat Pilipinas.






Microsoft give more benefits to its end user, with Office 365 our life in technology becomes more easier and more savings.

Microsoft Office 365 is also safe, why? Because we are using the latest cloud technology which is hassle free and more savings to our budget. Try Microsoft Office 365 and be the one to witness on how office 365 been part of your organization.


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