The Alien Craft IV G17 is the largest and most comfortable of Armaggeddon’s series of mice yet. Running on the latest Avago 9800 laser engine which generates up to 8200CPI, the AlienCraft-IV incorporates a fast and smart CPI management system that allows for gamers to adjust their CPI instantly on-the-fly.

This large and fast mouse comes with a total of 11 macro programmable buttons that can load up to 13 macros in a single profile (scroll wheel saves up to 3 macros). Multiply that by 5 profiles which can be saved on 512MB of on-board memory and you would have a total of 65 macros locked and loaded, ready to be fired at will.

Using premium rubber spray for a non-slip grip and incorporating 8-levels of weight management, this power-packed monster is available in 4 attractive shades; Armageddon Yellow, Cosmic Blue, Comet Red and Galactic Black.

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