Huawei Technologies…


HUAWEI Technology is in serious business here in the Philippines … Last July 3, 2014 Huawei Technologies invited IT Manager from different universities to attend product presentation at Bayleaf Hotel in Intramuros, Manila.

From this event Huawei Technology exposed their new products to compete with other brand, and with certain innovations that huawei did i can say simple and quality match together.


This is one innovation that huawei people are very proud off, seamless design – No wire are exposed, silent, sleek design and low consumption of electricity. Huawei Half-Cut server is ready to use, with all the features posses to this unit.

SONY DSC      

One of the participant  won a latest Huawei mobile phone, a very lucky guy hah. Going home with a new smart phone from huawei.

It’s only means one thing, that HUAWEI is here in the Philippines for a serious business and they are here to stay for a long term.







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