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Last Monday morning while having coffee frappe at Starbucks I pulled out a broad sheet news paper ( PDI ) in a few pages I turned, this NEWS caught my attention – ZTE Mobile Phone Grand X2 l V969 – Php 1,999.00 Only from Php 11,000.00 in a limited stocks only from 2pm until 6pm.

With this limited time offer of ZTE Mobile I rushed in to my planner and mark my calendar on October 28, 2014 ZTE Sale at 2pm in Tutuban Mall.

I selected Tutuban Mall coz I thought of not too much of buyer will go the ZTE Kiosk in tutuban mall.

On October 28, 2014 is the day of ZTE Sale, I am calm and conditioned myself not to panic on this sale event and a mind set of buying 3pcs of ZTE mobile phone, one for my sister, my wife and mine.

Finally I arrived in tutuban mall around 10:20 in the morning and go straight in 3rd floor of tutuban mall and when I reached the 3rd floor there is no ZTE Kiosk so I didn’t give I went to the 2nd floor and walked around until such I found the ZTE Kiosk. I was surprised to a big scope of flooded humans all around the zte kiosk and I was extended to the bridge going to the next building of tutuban mall.

A long line was formed to accommodate all the customers, sadly zte kiosk have a very limited stock of zte mobile phone Grand X2 l and numbers were given up to 60 and last, therefore I am out to purchase that zte grand x2 l mobile phone.

ZTE a anunţat Grand X2 In, un telefon Android pe platformă Intel CloverTrail+

Thank God for listening my prayer to give a chance to own a zte mobile phone grand x2 l coz I really like the specification for that particular model and a attractive price at Php1,999.00 – Good deal and a chance to be with that limited zte offer.

A manager came and trying her best to comfort and make the crowed understand that ZTE Grand X2 l is very limited stocks. and it cannot accommodate anymore to more than 60 stocks for the grand x2 l zte mobile phone.

What she did is that she created a another line to those who did not get a chance to get a number for the line and an opportunity to buy a zte grand x2 l mobile phone, rather another offer was made for us in almost same specification and in the same cost.

Some people who are in the 2nd line including me, resisted to the cost of zte grand x2 coz this time the screen went down to 5” other than to 5.5”.

What amazed me more is that the lady manager of zte kiosk of tutuban mall managed to control the howling crowed for the zte grand x2 l mobile phone. Everyone wants to have the same unit.  


ZTE Mobile: LIMITED TIME OFFER! Visit our participating ZTE Mobile Kiosks and Concept Stores located at SM City Fairview-Cyberzone, SM North Edsa-4F Annex, SM Southmall-3F Cyberzone, SM Sta.Mesa-Cyberzone, Tutuban Mall-3F, 2F Lucky Gold Plaza-Ortigas ave ext pasig. and ZTE Store- Gaisano Mall Davao to avail our LIMITED TIME OFFER, the ZTE Grand X2L V969 just only P1,999 tom October 28, starts 2PM to 6PM only and until supplies last. No Reservation.No requirements, No hidden charges. Preferably 1 unit allowed per person to accommodate more buyers. First come. First serve. Preferably CASH payment. For more info, like us on Facebook/Instagram: @ztemobilephilippines and Twitter @ztemobilephils


Finally after spending to much of time in that line without having lunch nor snacks, and not going to the comfort room coz once I get out from that line I can no longer back in the line for the ZTE Grand X2 Mobile Phone landed in my palm at a very surprising price, from Php 4,799.00 down to Php 999.00 only. 

For 100 pcs of ZTE Grand X2 were given to the 100 people who sacrifices their time and effort to avail one. Only 1 is to 1.

Kudos to the manager and staff of ZTE Kiosk Tutuban Mall for a job well done and for a quick remedy to serve all the customers that flooded the zte kiosk in tutuban mall.


Notice to the Public from ZTE Philippines;


My review to this ZTE Grand X2 Mobile Phone will come up after 2 weeks…



ZTE Logo





Thanks to ZTE Kiosk of Tutuban Mall for accommodating us..

I noticed that during the sale People really are panicking of buying a limited stocks of ZTE Mobile Phone, Since it’s a limited offer people are not following the announcement properly, though I myself went to the line to avail one. But HELLOW PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES you are not READING THE ANNOUNCEMENT PROPERLY, Gosh are we Deaf or BOBO lang talaga.

What so irritating is that there are people who are starting a bad scene and throwing out bad words and when the event exploded due to the commotion these people are not even on your side rather they will and keep denying they started it.

Grow Up people, kaya kahit ang kalapit nating mga bansa hindi nagtitiwala sa atin dahil sa pagiging WAR FREAK natin at KITID ng Utak, Sabi nga ibang lahi “ FILIPINO HAVE NO UNITY and LOYALTY ” .

Are we all aware that we can lift our country with our CHARACTER and PERSIVERANCE? Pero bakit sa simpleng SALE ng ZTE Mobile Phone in a LIMITED OFFER ay hindi pa natin maintindihan? Hay NAKU!! STUPIDITY is a Cause of evry Crime and we are all responsible to it.

I thought our event scenario in Tutuban Mall is worse, I thought wrong coz in SM North EDSA and in SM Sta. Mesa are worse than ever. Kailangan pa ng POLICE to stop and send you out of the mall para lang maintindihan nyo na LIMITED STOCKS ONLY…


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