STARTEK Inaugurates New State…


STARTEK Inaugurates New State-of-the-Art Facility

Manila, PH–STARTEK, a trusted provider of business process outsourcing services, has announced the opening of a new office facility in Frontera Verde in Pasig City.The new building has been specifically designed to offer employees a beautiful working environment in a strategic location. STARTEK has a facility in Makati City, as well as the recently inaugurated contact center in Iloilo City and a center in Angeles City.

“The new STARTEKFrontera Verde site signals what the future holds for the company – bright and forward thinking,” Chad Carlson, president and CEO of STARTEK said. “We consider the Philippines one of our prime STARTEK global locations, and we are committed to investing the resources necessary to provide our employees with an inviting, comfortable environment.”

Comprised of four floors, the STARTEK Frontera Verde office building has dedicated its first floor as a recruitment and training area, while the rest are assigned as production areas. STARTEK puts high value in offering employees a fun environment, room for career growth, and sense of stability. The new location boasts functional yet comfortable working space, as well as sleek and modern meeting and huddle rooms.

In designing the new office space, the company also took into consideration the recreational needs of its employees. STARTEK Frontera Verde has a themed pantry per floor, gym, sleeping quarters, pocket garden and a roof deck.

“We believe that a workspace can create a positive impact on a person’s productivity, inspire teamwork and influence results,” Tonichi Achurra, VP of operations said. “What makes us different from the other BPO companies is that we look for employees who want to feel a sense of belonging. For us, it is not just a job but a place where they can feel accepted.”

In addition to providing modern office facilities, STARTEK also encourages its employees to engage in activities and events that will make them more involved in the local community. “We call ourselves Brand Warriors because we protect and promote our clients’ brands by providing great customer service for their customers. When you work at STARTEK, you become part of the Brand Warrior Nation,” Achurra continued.



STARTEK is a trusted BPO service provider with comprehensive contact centers around the world. Our employees, whom we call Brand Warriors, are at the forefront of customer care and represent our greatest asset. For over 25 years, these Brand Warriors have been committed to making a positive impact for our clients’ business results, enhancing the customer experience while reducing costs for our clients. With the latest technology in the BPO industry and our STARTEK Advantage System, our Brand Warriors instill customer loyalty through a variety of multi-channel customer interactions, including voice, chat, email and IVR. Our service offerings include sales support, order processing, customer care and receivables management, among others. For more information, please



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