Samsung Galaxy S6 with double curved screen

If you thought that Samsung is going to stop with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge (in terms of overusing the model name), you probably didn’t follow the company in the past years. A certain Galaxy S6 Active is rumored to arrive soon, alongside a possible Galaxy S6 mini, but there is also another model that the rumor mill is talking about more recently. This time, another flagship, with the Project Zero 2 internal codename, a possible Galaxy S6 Plus moniker.

As a reminder, the Galaxy S6 and Edge were part of Project Zero, the company’s decision to rethink the flagship smartphone and build it from the ground up; they have succeeded. Project Zero 2 will allegedly bring us the Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus (previously referred to as the “Grand”), which will, reportedly, be a flagship device with a larger form factor (probably even in the Note-category), but, this time, with a double-edge screen. This might very well the the follow-up (or natural evolution) to the Galaxy Note Edge from last year. However, opposed to the Note Edge, which saw the light of day at the 2014 IFA, alongside the Note 4, this particular Galaxy S6 Plus should see the light of day, officially, in the coming weeks, if the rumors are to be believed.

The Galaxy Note 5 (referred to as Project Noble by the report) should be still on track for an IFA 2015 unveiling; about the Note 5, the report claims that it will have an extremely thin profile, a certain curvature to the back, and the usual S-Pen. We’ll be in Berlin to bring you all the juicy details about the phablet, but, until then, we’ll focus on this upcoming Galaxy S6 Plus flagship.




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