Huawei recently had a big event at Dusit Thani Hotel and launch their entire products in information technology and mobile technology. Huawei is been in the world for years and only this time that huawei revealed their entire products here in the philippines, it comes with the server, power supply, storage etc.


But this droid catches my attention among the entire expo, a unique 4 wheelers droid that records and directly store data to the cloud. Or so called Cloud As A Service ( CAAS ), since this is remotely controlled via wifi it can go anywhere within the vicinity where wifi covered area. Disadvantage are people might not be obviously seen as easy unlike quad copter that flies over you. And since this drone wheel all over to your office of an industrial site it can easily spy up anyone.


Mobile technology is one Huawei technology ever did that easily handle by anyone and since philippines is selpi world record ever, huawei technology brought you one of the best quality mobile phone technology and an excellent specifications that is worth the price that you can’t resist.


This is one best technology huawei ever come up, a smart watch that notify you when you have a text message, monitor your sleep, monitor your heartbeat rate from running or jogging, play music, vibrate and the best in this technology is also a Bluetooth headset when rings just easily take off the screen monitor and place it to your ear as bluetooth headset and this gadget called Huawei Talk Band B2.


The Four Pillars of HUAWEI Technology depends to this four gentlemen, hit them a wide range of questions about huawei and each of them will give answer that will satisfy you.



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