Digital Commerce created #OpenWorld to collaborate in digital world, now a days for everyone’s digital marketing intent like the use and to blend in to social media, if you are into business with social media then best to attend the Digital Commerce Conference.

A two days event digital commerce held in two different well known places in the metro, Day 1 is at Cinema 2 of Rockwell Mall and it’s a jump pack with all the delegates, Day 2 at AIM School for Business Management in Makati City.

I am one of the privileged delegates of The Big Difference Communications and Hattendo Japanese Cream Buns. I enjoyed this event very much not only because I did not pay of anything else rather a big THANK YOU to the people behind who sponsored my delegation, information that I’ve learned within the conference are price less. With me – Founder and CEO of The Big Difference Communications and PR of Hattendo Japanese Cream Buns-Ms. Cherry Bustamante-Burewell, Hattendo Sales & Marketing Manager Catherine Tapia and Owner & CEO of Hattendo Philippines Dra. Cherrie Chen.

We distributed two thousand pieces of Hattendo Japanese Cream Buns on the first day of Digital Commerce at Cinema 2 Rockwell Mall together with Brewed House Blend Starbucks Coffee.

Spotify are very proud to announced their success in digital marketing as they feature our OPM Rapper Cheyee, AirBNB who have a huge data base in travel places, hotels and airlines in one and their success in digital marketing as well,

On the 2nd Day of #OpenWorld Digital Commerce Conference held at AIM Makati is a information overload. I learned the Video TidBits on how it will affect the Digital Marketing in just 5 seconds, the effect and information that being thrown to all youtube reference are practically an additional digital information even before you decide to click the SKIP ADD botton.

Digital Analytics is another digital tool to inform you on how are you doing and rating your blog post or your digital marketing site, you need this analytic coz this will give you results of your digital marketing.


Big thank you to my  Sponsor’s;

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