Two way radio for SALE / Rent


Answer to your miscommunication is here… Two way radio with 12 to 16 channel at 1.5km range of communication radius including ear set.

Call or txt +63.943.0101403 leave details.






Two way radio is the answer to your needs…

Call TechUpdateAsia @ +63.933.4499643


Baofeng UV-5R

Dual Band

The Baofeng UV-5R can transmit on both VHF and UHF. It has a range of136-174 MHz and 400-480 MHz.

Ultra Portable

This handheld radio is very small and lightweight, and is about the same size as a deck of cards.

Wide Range

Baofeng UV-5R Plus and UV-5R transceivers can operate on manybusiness, public safety, ham, GMRS, FRS, and MURS frequencies.

Inexpensive Price

The UV-5R has one of the lowest prices of all handheld radios. Usually$50 or less, it is half the price of similar radios.

Many Accessories

A wide range of accessories are available. Additional antennas, batteries, and headsets can all be added to the UV-5R radio.

Tone Capable

The UV-5R can transmit PL, CTCSS, and DTMF tones. This allows it to access repeaters and private systems.

 Image result for qyt mini base

QYT mini base is good for your home base or in you car together with your portable radio..


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