Nokia Zeno

Nokia Zeno: Latest Nokia phone with 41MP selfie and stunning transparent design

Nokia phones are always among the most anticipated of all time. On welcoming Nokia comeback 2016, we spotted many aspiring Nokia phone designs. This time, say hello to Nokia Zeno, a transparent phone with stunning…


Nokia Transparent phone: stunning design and impressive camera

This latest Nokia phone catches our attention at first sight, with beautiful encased glass, giving it a transparent body, as the name suggests. The Nokia Transparent phone, or Nokia Zeno was designed by Chinese designer NDS WJ. Some users’ comments we have read are saying that, the whole phone somehow look like the shape of a lighter, of course a very nice premium one. Having the transparent rears obviously make this Nokia phone outstanding from others, among our huge variety of smartphones these days.

For now, this Nokia Transparent phone is still a design concept, implying that we don’t know much about its specs. However, from the picture above, you can see clearly that, the front camera is a real beast, featuring a 41MP Carl Zeiss sensor. You also spotted a beefy LED flash in board. Looking closely at the phone, you can see it has a very slim classy body, making it a bit hard to fit a second camera sensor. As a result, we are guessing that, the Nokia Transparent camera is a rotating module. Interesting, isn’t it?


I know many of us users love it when Nokia phones come with Android OS. Nokia Zeno, however, is featuring Windows Phone tiles. Though not as popular as Android, there is one thing you can not deny that, Windows Phone, especially the latest Windows 10 is that one cool smartphone operating system easily to be addicted with.

Nokia Transparent phone: making a real hit in 2016

Stunning as the Nokia Transparent design looks like, it would be best if the phone comes with a decent combination of specs. While 41MP selfie camera could make a real bomb, a 4GB RAM and at least 4000 mAH battery will contribute to turn this current Nokia Transparent as a concept for now into a flagship of 2016, one that no one can resist.


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I think NOKIA got a lot to catch up when it comes mobile technology, during the time when mobile starting to exist in our world NOKIA was one of the fastest mobile technology boost in the market. Why? probably because of it design and quality that pop out to each design and model… most of the people starting to buy their own Nokia Mobile Phone that suit to their classification or status symbol.   

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