Fotogo Pocket Photo Printer: Photo Share EverywhereWe live in a social world where everything is shared and celebrated with others. Whether it’s on social media or on a more personal level, we post and we share. If possible, we want to keep a photo of each and every moment. With Auratech’s Fotogo Pocket Photo Printer, we can do that easily and conveniently!

Fotogo lets you photo share everywhere! With its pocketable size, use-friendly app, instant printing and water-proof coating, you can capture, print and share everywhere you go.  
Technical Details:

• Printer dimensions: 3.0” W x 5.2” L x 1” D (78.2 x 132.4 x 25.4 mm)

• Print size: 2.1” x 3.4” sticker photos – water-proof and finger-print proof

• Printing time: less than 1 minute
To use:

1. Load cartridge

2. Turn on Fotogo

3. Connect to your Iphone or Android Phone via Bluetooth

4. Open Fotogo App

5. Edit and add some captions and emojis if you like

6. Watch the printing process – First white, Second Red, Third Yellow then Water-proof coating!

7. Share, stick and enjoy

Fotogo will be available in leading distribution stores Nationwide. #Fotogo #FotoShareAnywhere
Fotogo Pocket Photo Printer: Photo Share Everywhere

We live in a social world where everything is shared and celebrated with others. Whether it’s on social media or on a more personal level, we post and we share. If possible, we want to keep a photo of each and every moment. With Auratech’s Fotogo Pocket Photo Printer, we can do that easily and conveniently!
Fotogo lets you photo share everywhere! With its pocketable size, use-friendly app, instant printing and water-proof coating, you can capture, print and share everywhere you go.  
Technical Details:

• Printer dimensions: 3.0” W x 5.2” L x 1” D (78.2 x 132.4 x 25.4 mm)

• Print size: 2.1” x 3.4” sticker photos – water-proof and finger-print proof

• Printing time: less than 1 minute
To use:

1. Load cartridge

2. Turn on Fotogo

3. Connect to your Iphone or Android Phone via Bluetooth

4. Open Fotogo App

5. Edit and add some captions and emojis if you like

6. Watch the printing process – First white, Second Red, Third Yellow then Water-proof coating!

7. Share, stick and enjoy

Fotogo will be available in leading distribution stores Nationwide. #Fotogo #FotoShareAnywhere

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BASSph App…

QBASS PH app officially launched 

A revolutionary application that will help users measure the speed of internet connection of smartphones was launched today.

 BASS PH or Project Bass, which means “Bandwidth and Signal Statistics,” is an accurate and credible independent internet measurement provider. Its mobile app will provide Internet users the ability to measure internet bandwidth and other statistics. The launch of BASS PH is deemed vital amid the clamor to further improve the status of internet connection in the country.

 At this time where the Philippines lags behind other countries even in Southeast Asia in terms of quality of internet speed, the app offers far-reaching benefits for a variety of users. For subscribers and customers, they can use a virtual map to help them see which telecommunications provider has the fastest internet connection where they live or work.

 Telecommunications companies benefit from the collected data since they can now make data driven decisions as to expansion areas to target. They can also reallocate resources such as bandwidth and frequency to areas that need it most.

 For phone manufacturers, they can also access information as regards the performance of their phone units during actual usage and compare these with competitors. This can result to the manufacture of more efficient and better-performing phones in the future.

 As for companies with businesses in the digital world, the BASS PH map can help them identify specific target areas with high internet activity and concentrate their digital product offerings there. Finally, BASS PH can help the government guard and protect the public against any possible fraud using BASS PH’s free, supplemental, third-party data.

 More importantly, BASS PH is absolutely free to download, and the generated data will likewise be free to the public and other interested users. This makes the data even more valuable since it was generated by an app developed by an independent, third-party organization. Heavy users of data like the telco companies will benefit tremendously from this since they do not have to pay for the data, unlike those that come from companies like Akamai, Open Signal and Ookla, where access to data and other internet measurements and statistics are paid via subscription.

 And no worries because BASS PH is easy to use. Just go to Google Play or App Store and download. You can begin the test by opening the app and press “Begin Test” to measure your connection speed. Then by viewing the map, users will be able to see the test results of BASS users in a particular area. BASS PH is available for both Android and iOS users and is easy to store in any smartphone. All it needs is around 30MB of storage landscape and will consume minimal time and data for every test.

“With BASS PH, we help empower smartphone users in the Philippines by giving them the tool to measure and log internet speeds. We hope this, in turn, will ensure that network providers in the country will efficiently and consistently deliver their advertised internet speeds and thus will pave the way to better internet service nationwide,” explains Wilson Chua of Bass PH.

Bass PH also called for a stronger cooperation and collaboration between the government and the telco companies, where they can join hands to achieve the ultimate goal: improve the state of internet in the Philippines. He/she also advised the public to share or contribute their measurements in order to help improve speed and overall internet experience in the Philippines. He/She also expressed the willingness of BASS PH to help support other government-initiated efforts and investments that will help achieve the goal of providing Filipinos with better internet.


For more information about bass visit:


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 Photo shows from left: Bass PH volunteers Fleire Castro, Big Data Analyst Wilson Chua, Tech personality Art Samaniego, Andrew Alegre, A-Ar Andrew Concepcion, and Melby Baldove.
This BASSph is to rate your mibile data interms on mobile concern ko. BASSph. And the developer of this BASSph Souly developed by  filipino.
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Galaxy Battles

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BONIFACIO GLOBAL CITY, Philippines- We are proud to announce that Galaxy Battles will be back with a bigger and better season two! After reaching global audiences for Galaxy Battles season one in Shenzhen, China the organizers Fallout Gaming (FG) and Purpose Win (PWEL) have announced that this season will be hosted in the Philippines.

Watch from the link;

With sights set on bringing the tournament home to South East Asia, both organizers have a vision to reinvent the Dota 2 esports competitive scene via its delivery of the tournament, the tournament itself and explorations into experiential consumer engagements for the upcoming major event.

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Season two of Galaxy Battles comes with the tagline emerging worlds which plays a double meaning in its phrase and represents merging the amateur scene with the professional scene for the first time ever in Dota 2 history (merging worlds) and bringing South East Asia on par with the rest of the world’s mature esports markets across the globe (emerging worlds). 

The upcoming Majors, with a total prize pool of USD 1,000,000.00 will commence in mid-November with the regional invitational qualifiers and the open qualifiers played throughout 6 regions; China, South East Asia, Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), North America and South America. The qualifying period will run for an approximate duration of 4 weeks and will determine the top 8 qualifying slots for the Galaxy Battles qualifiers. The slot allocations per region are divided as such: 1 slot will be award to the Open Qualifiers, 1 slot to China, 1 slot to South East Asia, 1 slot to Europe, 1 slot to CIS, 1 slot to North America and 1 slot to South America.

Image may contain: 2 people, night and text

The Galaxy Battles Major will also see 2 slots being allocated for the first time to the New Blood Championships, South East Asia’s first amateur tournament. An initiative started by the organizers to help shed light on aspiring esports athletes and talents in the region.

Following these 10 slots allocated to the qualifying phases, Galaxy Battles will be directly inviting 8 teams across 6 regions to the main event accommodating a total of 18 teams.

The main event will be hosted at the largest indoor stadium in the world, Philippines Arena, Bulacan. The venue boasts a 60,000 seating capacity and will be the home of the Galaxy Battles Major. The venue and its surrounding area will be separated into 3 main sections;

The Galaxy Battles Esports Arena – a 60,000 capacity esports battle ground where the top 18 teams of the world will battle for the USD 1,000,000.00 total prize pool.

Image may contain: 2 people, people on stage

The Galaxy Battles Dota 2 World – the first ever Dota 2 themed activities ground will feature a range of theme park like activities, food and beverage zones, resting pods and rest areas, and a sponsorship area where partners are able to feature their products, services and engagements.

The Galaxy Entertainment Arena – located in an open air stadium parallel to the Philippines Arena will host the Galaxy Battles music festival that will feature International artists, regional artists and local artists throughout the duration of the event.

“Introducing new experiential event components to esports events brings a new dynamic to the overall consumer experience. What we hope to achieve with the fusion of entertainment and esports is a more holistic approach to creating an exciting and fresh way to experience gaming.” says Adrian Gaffor, Managing Director of Fallout Gaming.

With the fusion of esports, entertainment and experiential activities the event taps into more than just the viewership aspect of esports but also explores the outer ecosystem which reaches into both passive and active consumer activities.

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“Music is a large part of the gaming and esports lifestyle. Looking at today’s youth we find that in order to develop a great platform that is sustainable, we must include core components that are relatable and relevant to our audience.” closes Sky Lim

The Galaxy Battles Major will be on the 19th, 20th and 21st January 2018. It is an exciting start to the year and definitely one to experience.

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About Fallout Gaming
Fallout Gaming is a Malaysian based esports marketing company and is focused on developing the industry by bringing commercial brands and the world of gaming together. Established in 2015, Fallout Gaming has now developed an eco-system which brands can harness whether it be in; tournaments, marketing, strategy, digital and social and media. Built on strong corporate foundations, fueled by passion.

About Purpose Win Entertainment Limited (PWEL)
Purpose Win Entertainment Limited (PWEL) is a Hong Kong & Malaysia-based eSports company that organizes international tournaments. The company seeks to promote the development of eSports around the world. PWEL’s aim to be the leading eSports organizer in the world via difference games and platform to bring extraordinary experience for whom participate in our tournament.


 Image result for Purpose Win logo




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HP Sprocket promo

Share moments and make more memories last with HP Sprocket promo

What a better way to make memorable moments last than by capturing them instantly. And with the newest pocket-sized printer, HP Sprocket, you can even experience a more exciting and personal way to showcase and share your unforgettable memories!

Lightweight and portable, the HP Sprocket allows you to instantly print pictures—anytime, anywhere—directly from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. You can also edit your favourite images with frames and filters with the HP Sprocket app which you can download from Apple Store or Google Play.

And with the HP Sprocket + Free ZINK Photo Paper promo, moments with family and friends can get more fun and exciting as every HP Sprocket purchase at online store, Lazada, comes with two (2) free packs of HP ZINK Photo Paper with 20 sheets each.

The HP ZINK Photo Paper is designed to easily transform your favorite memories into 2×3-inch smudge-free, glossy, and colorful photos that you can share with everyone. You can also peel off the back of your printed photos to turn them into stickers that you can use to create scrapbooks or decorate your space with your snapshots.

So what are you waiting for? Visit now to get your HP Sprocket and share even more unforgettable moments with two free packs of HP ZINK Photo Paper. Promo ends October 31, 2017. See posters and print ads for more details.

Snap and instantly share more precious moments with the HP Sprocket + Free ZINK Photo Paper promo.





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WOCEE / WOSAS Expo 2017

PH consumer electronics trade show vows to be a haven for Filipino techies Every year, around 170,000 people flock to Las Vegas to gather round and get first dibs on yet-to-be-launched tech products on the market. The Consumer Electronics Show, which happens in January, showcases approximately 20,000 devices and tech trends and features more than 3,000 exhibitors annually.

Some of the most innovative consumer electronics have, in fact, been launched at the CES. Among them: Ultra HD and wallpaper-thin TVs, curved smartphones, wearables, home automation devices, driverless cars, and the Internet of Things.

Worldbex Services International (WSI), the country’s leading events and expositions organizers, is set to bring the same experience for Filipino consumers with the first-ever World of Consumer Electronics Expo (WOCEE).

Happening on September 21 to 24 at the World Trade Center (WTC) in Pasay, WOCEE 2017 puts together hundreds of brands and exhibitors from across the world in one dynamic, action-packed venue. Visitors can sate their gadget fix at the WTC’s four themed areas: the Interactive Area, Electronics Museum, Business Park, and the Conference and Seminars section.

This enables visitors to navigate the venue with ease, and get to touch, see, hear, and feel first-hand the most coveted consumer electronics in order of their features. These range from personal electronics—smart gadgets, wearables—to automotive tech and state-of-the-art IT products and systems.

Consumers, entrepreneurs, gamers, technocrats, professionals, and students can also bring the experience home as WOCEE 2017 also serves as a supersized department store that lets them purchase all their tech needs.

WOCEE also hosts at least 10 pocket events that aim to educate consumers and introduce them to the hottest products on the market. These include seminars on technological trends, product launches and demos, a Technoforums series, and a robotics competition in partnership with The Mechatronics and Robotics Society of the Philippines.

Through these, WCI changes the game as it levels the playing field for Filipino consumers amid groundbreaking tech revolutions around the world. More than a trade show, WOCEE serves as a platform for exchanging relevant information on global tech trends and market shifts, promoting a fruitful dialogue among industry players and consumers alike.

With more than 50 percent internet and mobile penetration in the country, the Philippines is quickly catching up with the rest of the world in terms of connectivity and tech savvy. With this, the first WOCEE is slated to become the biggest consumer electronics trade show in the land, making more knowledgeable “techies” out of every Filipino in the years to come.

The World of Consumer Electronics Expo offers free admission for everone. For more information, visit or follow on Facebook and Instagram.





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WSI Makes History with WOCEE WOSAS 2017

WSI Makes History with the first-ever WOCEE and WOSAS

There is truly no stopping Worldbex Services International (WSI) – the country’s leading events and expositions organizer – in its bid to boost the growth of the country’s economic development. Marking another record-breaking milestone, WSI is finally opening its doors to the much-anticipated World of Consumer Electronics Expo (WOCEE) and the World of Safety and Security Expo (WOSAS) today, September 21 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila.

As both events embody a trailblazing chapter in the history of local expositions, the opening ceremony of the co-located events is expected to be graced by VIP personalities including PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa, DND Sec. Delfin Lorenzana, DTI Usec. Teodoro Pascua, National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council Executive Director Ricardo Jalad together with WSI’s Joseph Ang, Levi Ang, Ar. Francisco Flameño Jr., Jill Aithnie Ang, Rene Ramos, and Tessie Roque.

For over two decades, WSI has elevated the quality of life of countless Filipinos through world-class trade shows that not only bring within reach topnotch consumer products and services but also, cultivate dynamic economic opportunities for trade players. From construction and design to food and tourism, WSI now turns its focus on consumer technology as well as safety and security with WOSAS and WOCEE – both of which are the first of its kind.


Securing tomorrow

Armed with an encompassing foresight, WSI knows that the backbone of any great nation is its capacity to safeguard the protection of its citizens. With this concept in mind, WOSAS was envisioned to respond to the growing need to improve the quality of safety and security of Filipinos. That is, by serving as a premium venue to showcase state-of-the-art technologies that could provide reliable and durable protection from imminent dangers and security threats.

Dividing a total of close to 10,000sqm of exhibition space into themed areas of Security and Surveillance, Fire and Safety, Smart Home and Building, as well as Energy Saving and Electric Automation, the first-ever WOSAS features over 100 exhibitors; as part of the highlights today, in the same day as the declaration of the National Earthquake Drill, the organizers have teamed up with JCI Manila for the National Disaster Responders Challenge Meet and Greet.


Advancing the present

As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate, WSI believes that we should not get left behind. In this regard, WOCEE was conceptualized to serve as a premium consumer tech and innovation hub. One that not only serves as one-stop shop for the latest tech goods but also, a platform where consumers, innovators, and entrepreneurs alike can come together for productive exchange of information and potential business opportunities.

Set to take over as part of close to 10,000sqm of exhibition space, WOCEE also boasts of over 100 exhibitors hailing from countries such as China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and the US. The event has several highlights including MSI’s VR Lounge, VEX Robotics Competition in partnership with MRSP, product launches and seminars.


Engaging the people

Known for delivering highly experiential expositions, WSI ensures that the first-ever WOCEE and WOSAS will allow visitors to immerse in the same world-class trade show experience that all its past shows have offered. As such, highlighting WOCEE and WOSAS are the exciting pocket events and activities that are presented in partnership with leading companies, prestigious organizations, as well as government institutions.

Among which include the Mechatronics and Robotics Society of the Philippines’ Robotics competition. Organized annually by MRSP to promote robotics among the youth, this year’s highly anticipated Robotics competition will be held at WOCEE for the first time and will have categories for both high school and grade school entrants.

On the other hand, sure to add an exciting component to WOCEE and WOSAS are the line-up of free seminars and workshops that aim to impart basic yet relevant information and niche knowledge in the field of tech innovation and safety. Furthermore, visitors are encouraged to watch out for product demos from leading brands for an exclusive peek into products and services that are changing the way we live. Plus, visitors would be delighted to know that raffle segments at WOCEE and WOSAS will be held as a way for the organizers and exhibitors to give back to the community.

Ongoing until September 24, from 10am-8pm at the World Trade Center Manila, WSI has officially opened its doors to the future. For those who are engaged in electronics and technology, don’t miss the chance to take part in WOCEE. Meanwhile, those who are seeking to elevate their safety and security abilities and measures are encouraged to take advantage of WOSAS. Admission is free.


For more information, follow, on Facebook and Instagram or go to, to register.


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