Baofeng DA-77: Dual-band DMR radio


Baofeng DA-77Jason KC5HWB, Joop PA2JM, Carel PA3EHA and I had some pre-production pictures of this radio for quite a while, but some preliminary specs are now public.

The good
The most interesting fact is that the Baofeng DA-77 is a dual-band radio, something which didn’t exist so far. The second most interesting fact is the expected price point: $129,00.

The bad
Things bothering me a bit: only 160 memory positions and a meager 50 zones. Enough for professional use, but compared to the Connect Systems CS-700 (250 zones of 16 channels each) it’s far from impressive.

The ugly
The shell is identical to that of the UV-82, something I don’t like either. I do understand the decision though; re-using existing shells is much more cost effective than designing a new one. Another advantage is that accessories such as batteries are interchangeable.

Both Jason KC5HWB (Grapevine Ham Radio) and me are on Baofeng’s list for getting a review sample. To be honest I hope Jason gets one first, as he’s much more knowledgeable in this area than I am. Keep an eye on his blog.


Dual-band, dual standby, mixed mode (DMR/FM) possible
– PC Programming
– FM
– Flashlight
– Single, group and general call
– Kill, Stun and revive
– Monitor, remote control
– Scanning
– Power saving
– Noise suppression function
– Manual dialing and storage dialing
– AMBE+2TM vocoder

Frequency Range: VHF:136-174MHz AND 400-470MHz
– Memory channels: 160
– Zones: 50
– Operating Voltage: 7.4V
– Battery Capacity: 1800mAh
– Battery Average Working Time(5/5/90): 16 hours
– Frequency Stability: ±1.5ppm
– Antenna Impedance: 50Ω

– Power Output: 5/1 Watt (VHF), 4/1 Watt (UHF)
– Spurious Emission: – 36dBm1GHz/ – 30dBm≥1GHz
– Vocoder: AMBE+2TM

– Receiver Sensitivity: Digital 5%BER ≤0.3µV Analog ≤0.35µV
– Audio Distortion: <3%
– Conducted Radiation: –57dBm


1. Baofeng DA-77 DMR Two-Way Transceiver
2. Dual-band Antenna
3. 110-240V Desktop Charger
4. Belt clip
5. User Manual
6. 1800mAh batterypack




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Two way radio for SALE / Rent


Answer to your miscommunication is here… Two way radio with 12 to 16 channel at 1.5km range of communication radius including ear set.

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Two way radio is the answer to your needs…

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Baofeng UV-5R

Dual Band

The Baofeng UV-5R can transmit on both VHF and UHF. It has a range of136-174 MHz and 400-480 MHz.

Ultra Portable

This handheld radio is very small and lightweight, and is about the same size as a deck of cards.

Wide Range

Baofeng UV-5R Plus and UV-5R transceivers can operate on manybusiness, public safety, ham, GMRS, FRS, and MURS frequencies.

Inexpensive Price

The UV-5R has one of the lowest prices of all handheld radios. Usually$50 or less, it is half the price of similar radios.

Many Accessories

A wide range of accessories are available. Additional antennas, batteries, and headsets can all be added to the UV-5R radio.

Tone Capable

The UV-5R can transmit PL, CTCSS, and DTMF tones. This allows it to access repeaters and private systems.

 Image result for qyt mini base

QYT mini base is good for your home base or in you car together with your portable radio..

BaoFeng Two Way Radio





BF-A5 two-way radio is newly developed by BAO FENG recently, its performances are stable, extra functions such as Noise Reduction and Scrambler make it as a cost-effective transceiver , which has a huge market potentiality

If you like it, why are you still hesitating? Contact us now!



Unity Section:

Frequency Range:-400.00- 470.00MHz

Storage Channel-16

Rated voltage-DC 7.4 V

Battery Capacity-H-1800 mAh

Battery Life-About 10 Hours

Frequency Stability-±2.5ppm

Work Temperature -20 ℃ to +60℃

Frequency Combination-PLL frequency synthesis

Antenna Impedance-50 Ω

Wok Mode-Same Frequency simplex Operation or Different Frequency simplex Operation

Dimension-116x57x 35 mm (Excluded Antenna)


Output Power-5 W

Modulation Mode(W/N Band)-FM (F3E)

Maximum Frequency Deviation (W/N Band)-<5KHz(W), <2.5KHz(N)

Spurious Power-≤7.5 µW

Adjacent channel power-65dB (W) ,55dB (N)

Spurious Radiation –<-60 dB

Audio Distortion –<5 %

SNR-52dB(W), -48dB(N)

CTSCC/DCS Frequency Deviation(W/N Band)-0.7±0.1KHz (W), 0.4±0.1KHz (N)

Modulation Sensitivity-8-12mV

Transmitting Current-≤1500mA



Sensitivity-<0.20 µ V (12dB SINAD)

Audio Power –1 W

Inter modulation Interference Resistance-≥65dB (W), ≥55dB (N)

Adjacent channel Sensitivity (W/N Band)-≥65dB (W), ≥55dB (N)

Audio Distortion-5 %

Receiving Current-≤ 400m A


From BaoFeng BF-888s, i influence my friends to use this NEW Generation Old School type of communication.

I am a fun of Icom Amateur Two Way Radio and follow it till the latest model of Icom which is Icom V8 & Icom V85, and now i found much more sleek and handy two way radio which me and my family enjoyed using it especially during shopping at divisoria coz we’re not bringing our precious mobile phone. Rather two way radio will do the rest of our communication needs.

Even during on our out of town fun ride with my local car team, Team Accent Philippines communication are not a problem.

During our Mountain Climbing over the weekends me, my wife and son together with our friends communication is also not a problem, and all because we are two way radio.

– if you have any requirements regarding two way radio, please do contact me or email me or simply take a minute to reply from this blog. Thank you.




Does this video convince you for some Communication LOST?

HOW ABOUT for your OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES? BAOFENG GT3 will answer that and will do more than ever…


I kind da like this much, it’s the all new BAOFENG GT3 Weather Resistant Two Way Radio. This will cater to your outdoor activities like; Mountain Climbing, Caving, Spelunking, Hiking, Rock Climbing and other outdoor extreme sport you are in to.


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BaoFeng GT-3 Transceiver

BaoFeng GT-3 Transceiver 65-108 MHz Dual-Band Two-Way Radio


  • Frequency Range: 65-108 MHz(Only commercial FM radio reception) VHF: 136-174 MHz(Rx/Tx). UHF: 400-480 MHz(Rx/Tx)
  • Broad (Wide) / Narrowband (Narrow), High power / low (5W/1W), selectable.
  • Selectable Frequency Step/2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/25 kHz.
  • Dual-band handheld transceiver with display function menu on the display “LCD”. Function Busy Channel Lock “BCLO”.
  • Function “VOX” (Voice Operated Transmission), “OFFSET” (frequency offset for repeater access).

51EPYlvBg9L 51Gzi79uKXL


Product Information

Technical Details

Item Weight
4.2 ounces

Product Dimensions
1 x 2 x 4.9 inches

Item model number

1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Display Type

1.2 Pounds

41yX805SP4L 41mB6GRSrGL  412i225wj4L 517M6e4wXtL

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BaoFeng BF 888s

I used Baofeng BF 888-s, Baofeng product. And i can say that this two way radio UHF or VHF simply will satisfy your demands in field.

Family tour or sports activity will do the best and never stop the family communications. Last Saturday me and family together with friend and his family took a break and have a bike along Roxas boulevard, and Baofeng BF 888s with headset assists us in our communications during biking.


1557471_764186700261576_35476971_n 1512633_764186683594911_1641900250_n


Now eyeing this NEW Product of Baofeng Two Way Radio, BaoFeng GT-3 Transceiver 65-108 MHz Dual-Band Two-Way Radio.

Widen your communication with your family use Baofeng Two Way Radio system.

To Order please do leave your contact details at the comment box or txt / call 09334499643.


Also Available BaoFeng Accessories ;

BaoFeng BF-S112 Two Way Radio Speaker Baofeng Programming Cable for BAOFENG UV-5R 5RA 5R Plus 5RE UV3R Plus BF-888S NAGOYA NA-701 DUAL BAND 144 430Mhz UV SMA-F Antenna For BAOFENG UV-5R WOUXUN KG-UVD1P

Speaker Mic / USB Data Cable / Antenna


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