Cherry Mobile G2 the Affordable Smart watch

Cherry Mobile G2 the Affordable Smart watch: Complete Specs and Pricing [Disassemble]

Cherry Mobile G2

If you are into Smartwatch and looking for one that is affordable, you might want to checkout the Cherry Mobile G2, it’s a budget friendly smartwatch that you can pair with your smartphone (Android or iOS devices), launched last December 2014 it’s priced only at Php 1,899.

The Cherry Mobile G2 is wearable device doubles as a Smartphone Dialer and it’s also Splash Proof and with the right apps you can use this device to let you know about your social media accounts updates such as twitter and Facebook.

You can now get the G2 smartwatch on all Cherry Mobile Stores nationwide with two colors to choose from (Black and White).

Below is the disassemble image of the G2 revealing what’s inside, like Mediatek ARM processor and a 4GB MicroSD.

Cherry Mobile G2

Disassemble by Chris Misola

I got bored so I decided to disassemble my Cherry Mobile G2 Smartwatch. It has a Mediatek ARM processor and a 4GB MicroSD, thou I’m expecting to see a flash memory. USB connector is soldered to a flex cable and into the band, which makes it more difficult to fix when you damage the non-replaceable band itself. It’s my first time to see a very small camera module, about more than a half of a centimeter. There’s also a built-in button type RTC battery, mic and mono speaker.” Said: Christopher Misola

Cherry Mobile G2 Watch Specs:

  • 44-Inch TFT Touchscreen Display (128 x 128 Pixels)
  • 4GB microSD Internal Storage (3.68 available)
  • Smartphone Dialer (receive calls and texts on the go)
  • Bluetooth notification via Mediatek Smart Device app
  • Audio and Video Player
  • VGA Camera
  • Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR
  • Pedometer
  • USB Mass Storage
  • 500mAh Battery

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3 thoughts on “Cherry Mobile G2 the Affordable Smart watch

  1. can it be connected to a bluetooth headset? until how big can the memory be expanded? does it have a memory card and sim card slot? sorry to be bombarded by a lot of questions, i’m interested in that smart watch but wasn’t able to buy a single unit.

    • It’s a bluetooth depended to your mobile phone. No sim slot, no memory slot all it does is give you notification to your wrist smart watch, but if yo are looking for the one that has high memory storage and a sim slot got to samsung smart watch. thank you for visiting my blog.

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