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Alcatel Announces PIXI Promo and Price Drop on Select Devices

Alcatel, a mobile device brand of TCL Communication, is saying hello to good buys as it offers great value deals for its select products.

The PIXI FIRST smartphone is now made more affordable with price cut from P3,299 to its dropped price of P2,699. Making it more enticing, there’s a magic promo period in which the PIXI FIRST is up for grabs for only P2,199. The magic promo runs until September 18 only.

The PIXI First is an ideal basic entry-level smart phone. It’s a dual sim smartphone supported by a quad core processor, the PIXI First is a smart choice for those looking for stylish yet packed with functionality devices. It also comes with 8MP back and 5MP front camera.

The PIXI 4 (5) is now available with a slashed price of P3,599 from its original price of P4,299. Get this powerful phone that comes with an enhanced camera, battery, and great audio experience at the most affordable deal.

The PIXI 4 (6) can now be yours at a super reduced price of only P4,999, a great offer from its original price of P5,499. This phone comes with a 13+8 MP camera and an 8GB memory in a slim and stylish hardware.

Another great offering from Alcatel is its PIXI 4 (7), a tablet powered by Quad Processor for a bigger screen experience. Now at P3,799, it is indeed a great slash treat from its original price of P4,499.

Included in the price drop is the Pop3 5.5” 3G Android which now sells at P4,399 from P6,299, Go Watch now at P3,449 from P4,799, and the GoPlay which is available at P6,149 from previous price of P8,999.

Hurry, grab your favorite PIXI product now and enjoy the perks of affordable and quality smartphones and tablets from Alcatel! This promo is per DTI-FTEB permit no. 8584 Series of 2016.


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Alcatel Brings Stylish

Alcatel Brings Stylish, Fun Functions, and Quality Smart Devices to Pinoy Millennials

Find your preferred smart device at a price range from P2,999 to P6,999

Gone are the days when owning a phone meant having a device solely intended for call and text. The smartphone has become a venue to share, express and connect. These portable devices have given users access to unlimited possibilities and staying in touch with the rest of the world.

For Alcatel, a mobile device brand of TCL Communication, style, function, and quality are brought together in all its products. Dubbed as one of the smartphones brand to watch out for, Alcatel places high value in producing quality products that enhance the user experience. It has a wide range of products available in the market; each with distinctive specifications that are tailor fit to user needs. Positioned for the millennial smartphone generation, Alcatel is at par with leading but more expensive brands, giving buyers more bang for their buck.

PIXI 4 (6) 3G.jpg

Reliable at a reasonable price: Alcatel PIXI

Alcatel PIXI line is a great fit for first-time mobile users and those that want affordable phones that provide quality performance. The Alcatel PIXI line comes in four models: PIXI FIRST; PIXI 4 (5); PIXI 4 (6) and; PIXI 4 (7) tablet.

For those on the lookout for a basic entry-level smart phone for their kids, the PIXI FIRST is a smart choice. Currently on sale for only 2,999, the PIXI FIRST is both stylish and also packs a punch due to its strong Quad Core with 3G Connectivity.

The PIXI 4 (5) is perfect for cash-strapped teenagers looking for an affordable but reliable entry-level smart phone, with enhanced camera, battery and audio experience. The PIXI 4 (5) is currently available in the market for only P3,999.

The PIXI 4 (6) is a great purchase for teenagers and those looking for an entry-level smartphone that is light on the pocket but heavy onfeatures, it comes with a 13+8 Mpxl camera and an 8GB memory in a slim and stylish hardware. Currently retails for PHP5,499.

The PIXI 4 (7) tablet is the choice for those who want the big screen experience at a very reasonable price range. This handy gadget is powered by a Quad Core processor for faster response, and encased in a slim and stylish design. Currently retails for P3,899.

POP 3 (5.jpg

Fun and ready for self-expression: Alcatel POP

The POP range of smart phones offer better customization, allowing millenials to express themselves more fully by tweaking the function and design of their smartphone.

Alcatel indulges the music lover with the Alcatel POP 3 (5.5): a slim smartphone done in stylish leather black; large 5.5-inch HD IPS display; full connectivity with 3G+ and smooth browsing with Quad Core CPU. The unit currently retails for only P5,799.

As a brand that aims to cater to various lifestyles, Alcatel has made sure to offer gadgets that adapt well to different interests of people.  

 Alcatel Idol 4s+VR.jpg

Gadgets that suit the active lifestyle : Alcatel GO PLAY and Alcatel GO WATCH

Go Watch.jpg Move Time.jpg

Creatively designed and made dust-proof and shock-resistant for the serious gamer, this smartphone packs a lot of punch in spite being a bit small in size. Colorful, trendy and fashionable, Alcatel GO PLAY is the kind of phone that gets a lot of usage and delivers. Powered with long-lasting 2500mAh battery and 8GB ROM + 1GB RAM in internal memory, this smartphone can withstand long marathon sessions. You can play your favorite mobile games displayed in full HD on a 5-inch screen, with 1280×720 pixels on this LTE device. Alcatel GO PLAY is currently priced at P6,999. 

Following the rise of wearables in recent years, Alcatel has put a spin on the smartwatch category with the introduction of the Alcatel GO WATCH. More than telling the time, it is equipped with its own accelerometer, altimeter, pedometer, heart rate monitor and can even track calories burned and quality of sleep. The GO WATCH complements an active lifestyle and comes with a fun, vibrant look and a full color touch screen. Water and shock-resistant and dust proof, the Alcatel GO WATCH is a durable wrist accessory that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It’s best paired with the Alcatel GO PLAY for a maximum outdoor experience. The Alcatel GO Watch currently retails at P3,799. 

Head to your favorite local retail store to find the Alcatel product that suits your lifestyle. You may also check out the latest operator plans as offered by Smart, or Sun. Alcatel phones are paired with portable mobile devices including pocket WiFis, portable chargers and matched with set data plans. For more information, go to the Alcatel Philippines Facebook page  ( or inquire at your nearest service provider.



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Advocacy program by Alcatel

Advocacy program raises awareness about mental illness
in the Philippines

It’s a sad reality that in the Philippines, there’s an undeniable stigma with families whose one or more members are suspected to be suffering from mental illness. Most are hesitant to go to a psychiatrist for consultation because once the people around them find out about it, there’s a tendency to be looked at differently — to be considered not normal.

This, according to Edmundo Isidro, president of Open Minds Foundation, is a crucial factor why mental health continues to be a growing problem in the country. “Stigma against mental illness can only be addressed by promoting education and awareness about it among individuals, families and communities,” Isidro said.

For people suffering from mental health problems, the social stigma attached to their illness can make it even harder to recover. Their conditions are also made worse with the discrimination they experience not just from the society but from their families and friends as well. Recognizing this, Open Minds Foundation seeks to have relatives and friends of mentally ill patients gain a deeper understanding of mental illnesses, as well as help and train them to find ways to cope. The support group’s objectives also complement other private efforts, such as an advocacy program dubbed as the “Patient’s Equity to Support ‘Out-of-Pocket Expense’ Value” (PESO Value). Funded by Johnson & Johnson (Philippines), Inc., (JJPI), it seeks to develop models of healthcare financing including for mental illness.

Since 2002, Open Minds Foundation has been hosting a forum each month at the Quezon City General Hospital, wherein they invite a psychiatrist to talk about mental illness on specific topics. Their participants, composed of 30 to 40 patients and caregivers, learn more about schizophrenia, depression, bipolar, anxiety, among others. In addition, the support group also has a regular radio program to reach out to more mental ill patients and their families, as well as a call center that provides a directory of psychiatrists. Through these efforts, they hope to make the public aware that mental illness is a disease that is curable and can be managed, Isidro said.

Consulting a psychiatrist is what saved the life of a 36-year-old mental patient diagnosed with schizophrenia, whose name will not be divulged for personal reasons. According to his mother, who also wishes to remain anonymous, she sought help for her son when he was in his early 20s, after he manifested unusual behavior, such as having difficulty in sleeping, shaving his hair and physically hurting himself and other people. The family could not pinpoint the exact reason that triggered the mental illness, but they suspect it was because of the high expectations set on him as the eldest, or the stress that he experienced from work. Prior to his diagnosis, the patient was working as a mechanic in one of the country’s leading automotive companies.

Stress was also one of the factors that led to the bipolar disorder of a 46-year-old mentally ill patient, who will also not be named. A widow with four sons, she believes her condition started as early as in her 20s, when she worked as an all-around maid for her relative. Over fatigue took a toll not only on her physical health but on her mental well-being as well, which was worsened by her marital problems. These led her to be depressed, and after going to the hospital for her goiter, she was recommended to seek the help of a psychiatrist. According to her, she displayed odd behavior, such as being too talkative.

Isidro confirmed that stress could be one of the triggers of mental illness. In fact, there is an upsurge of mental illness because of work schedules and unhealthy lifestyles, according to him. He reiterated, however, the importance of consulting a psychiatrist or a doctor to correct their mental health. In both cases, the two patients are taking medications to stabilize their conditions, upon the recommendation of their doctors. While the cost is considerably expensive, they opt for quality medicines to ensure efficacy, so they only take it once a day.

More than the financial support for hospital confinement or to buy medicines, mental ill patients need the utmost understanding of their families who usually are their caregivers. In the case of the 46-year-old bipolar, it took a long time for her family to accept her condition, mostly because they were embarrassed. The 36-year-old schizophrenic, on the other hand, do not experience the empathy of his friends, who do not understand his situation.

Support groups such as Open Minds Foundation and efforts such as the PESO VALUE aim to free mentally ill patients from the social stigma and discrimination, which can trap them in a cycle of illness. With the help of various advocacy programs focused on mental illness, patients not only have higher chances of managing their mental health, but of recovering fully.


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